Miss Massachusetts United States Queen, Lisa Carr. Day 17 of the #musp social media challenge: what is your favorite sport or sports team ? I grew up as a competitive dancer and cheerleader and I will always have a place in my heart for dance and cheer but my favorite sport is football and my favorite team is the New England Patriots. The Kraft organization has a strong involvement in community service and charity work. The patriots team is a family of football players that never give up on each other or any game. My favorite quote from Tom Brady is when he said “ I want to earn it every single day”. I try to strive for that in my own life and continue to always try to grow and better myself. There is nothing like the atmosphere in Boston during football season and that’s why they are my favorite team. ❤️💙 📷 Justin Hammond 💄 Sarah Elizabeth artistry
#missmassachusetts #missunitedstates #missmassachusettsunitedstates #roadtomissunitedstates #musp #shesbeautyandshesgrace #alwaysmissUS #newenglandpatriots #patriotscheerleading #patriots #nfl #football (at Giggi’s Bridal and Mr. G’s Tuxedos)

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